Get your shopping done before you arrive

Amstel Shopping offers welcome packages to get you settled in at your holiday destination. We deliver your grocery shopping right in to your temporary apartment, hotel, B&B or studio. No more hassle for you when you arrive in an unknown place and no need to go out searching for a shop after a tiresome journey. Make sure you and your family are already assured of the basic food products already stored in your fridge, even before you arrive at your holiday accommodation. You can choose from a wide variety of excellent products from the region (including fresh dairy products, local bread and local produce) and only the best wines and the best Dutch beers. Complement also your package with a fresh bouquet of flowers, a healthy basket of fruit or a nice bottle of champagne.  Start your stay with peace of mind! Get your orders in today!

Your breakfast delivered

Your breakfast delivered right in to you kitchen.

No more need for going out and search for a supermarket. We make sure your breakfast is delivered at your holiday home in Amsterdam.

Read more about our breakfast package here

We the shopping you the cooking

With our dinner box you can be assured of a healthy meal.

We deliver you a box with all ingredient to prepare your own meal.

Even recipes are included. Read more about this package here

How does it work?

It is very simple! You order your package before you arrive and we make sure it is delivered to your holiday home address on the day and time of your wishes. This is how it works:

  1. Choose your package(s) from the webshop
  2. Go to the basket and proceed to check out
  3. Fill in the form with your address details and your holiday home address
  4. Continue to payment page and your order is fixed!


No more worries for you! You can start your holiday immediately.



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